Advanced Electrolysis
                  Permanent Hair Removal      
3436 NE 45th St., Seattle, Wa 98105             (206)525-4915
Ellen is amazing!
Ellen is amazing!  I've been seeing her for the last 2 months (for my upper lip and abdomen) and I am SO happy with the results.  I've already seen a huge reduction in the amount of hair.  Ellen herself is lovely and very welcoming ( I looked forward to my appointments!), her office space was convenient to access and very clean and professional.  She worked very quickly and it hurt a lot less that I thought it would (and I'm squeamish!).  I am so glad that I decided to go see Ellen!
By: Jasmine H. 8/8/2012

ntle and consistent
No one loves electrolysis, that is for sure.  Unfortunately, for some of us, all of a sudden some dark, stray hairs start appearing.  I have gone to some more expensive, fancier places, but I love supporting small businesses.  Ellen is the most gentle person I have had for electrolysis.  She is friendly and sincere.  Not the most luxurious place, but I would rather have gentle and consistent than to pay more for nicer premises where you get someone different each time.
By: Glinda W. 6/16/2012

Friendly, professional and thorough!

I have been going to Ellen for a couple of years now. Prior to that I made the trip to downtown Seattle for electrolysis, where parking is a problem.  Ellen is friendly, professional and thorough.  Her office is clean and pleasant.  It's easy to book an appointment.  And hey, there is plenty of FREE parking.
By: B.W. 4/13/2011

She is simply the best!

I have been a client at Advanced Electrolysis for many years and am now moving to island county, but will make the commute to come to Seattle because I can't believe that I could find anyone better that Ellen Nelson to work on my face.  She's simply the best.  I have recommended her to many friends and all have been thrilled with the service they receive.
By: Lorraine H. 3/7/2011

Does a great job!
I have been seeing Ellen for about 2 years and she always does a great job.  Her prices are reasonable and I can actually afford continued service.  The results take time but they are permanent.  Coming from a person who has tried both laser hair removal and electrolysis.  I think it is safe to say that the latter is the better one.  Both are painful but only one is permanent and worth the money.  So go see Ellen and get stated on improving your appearance!!
By: Lauren 3/13/2011

Great Service!
Happy customer for 5 years.  Clean, Professional and punctual. Highly recommended. 
By: Lisa 2/9/2010 

Excellent Adventure!
The office is very clean. She answered all my questions.  The staff was knowledgeable.  I didn't feel rushed.  I thought the work was excellent.  My skin looked very good.  I am lucky to have found her.  Very happy in Seattle.
By:  Michelle 4/29/2009 

Very reasonable
I have been a client of this business for over a decade.  The office is clean with convenient parking and very reasonable prices.  Ellen Nelson is the most patient and laid-back professional I know. She is extremely flexible with scheduling appts.  And has been in the business for some time and knows her stuff.  She is discreet and is honest and I won't go anywhere else.
By: Terrie J. 7/6/2010 Yelp filtered

Highly recommend Ellen Nelson!
I've been going to Ellen for over 10 years now.  Obviously I went regularly at first, to do the bulk of the job.  But it's been pretty permanent and now.  I only go once or twice a year for the occasional touch-up.  I think her rates are reasonable, and her hours are good in that there are times outside of regular work hours that she is available.  I've been very satisfied with my treatment and I highly recommend Ellen Nelson and Advanced Electrolysis.  Also, Ellen is just a really nice person.
By: Tamar B. 7/14/2010  

I was very happy with the service I received.  And my skin looks great.  Outstanding.
By: A.T. 5/18/2009

She knows what she is doing!
Ellen is great and I have gone to her off and on for about 16 years now.  She is reliable and the method she uses is totally safe.  I would not trust anyone to stick a small needle in my face, but I have been trusting her for years.  When I go to Ellen, I have peace of mind and I don't have to worry.  She knows what she is doing and she has fair prices...important to me.
By: Cat.H  9/3/2010  

The office is very clean and organized.  The staff answered all my questions and I did not feel rushed.  I have been to other electrologists around the country and the treatment was gentle yet effective.  My skin feels very smooth and soft.  I feel lucky to have found them.
By:    XXX  4/27/2009 

Offering great expertise!
Ellen is the best!  She's been at this for years and knows her stuff.  Aside from offering great expertise in electrolysis.  She's a fantastic human to know.  I would be pleased to recommend her services to anyone.
By: Julie L.  11/4/2010  

If you want a great job, go see Ellen!
Truly no job is too small!  I've been to see Ellen twice & she's removed 3 unwanted hairs for behind & below my ear.  It doesn't sound like much but they drove me crazy & I had dealt with them for years.  Ellen is very professional & kind.  But be warned you will have to climb a slight of stars to her small office.  If you want a spa treatment go somewhere else. If you want a great job, go see Ellen!
By: Mar D. 2/18/2011 

I have been going to Advanced Electrolysis for the past three years.  Ellen, The owner is great and really walked me through the process when I first began the treatments.  Parking is free and always plentiful on the street.  Ellen also offers evening hours so I could arrive after work.
By: RL 1/29/2011 

Recommending it!
My longterm goal?  To be able to age gracefully. To do so, sometimes we all just need a little help.  I searched on-line and found the previous recommendations and set up an appointment for a brief consultation.  In that meeting, Ellen answered all of my questions and her kind and gentle nature expressed understanding, addressing all my concerns, including educating me in the process about what to expect, etc.  I can easily and readily recommend her.
By: BB 12/31/2010  

Hidden Gem!
After years of tweezing my skin was a mess.  I have been a customer for 1 year and have achieved signicant results.  I have found Ellen to be very skilled, knowledgeable, and upbeat.  There is almost always parking near the front door and the office is immaculate. I won't go anywhere else.
By: Alexa B. 9/08/2010 

Don't hesitate!
Don't hesitate to make an appointment with Ellen if you are having qualms about starting electrolysis or giving it a try.  Ellen Nelson is the best combination of professional, caring and down to earth.  Her warm welcome and easy going style is a perfectly soothing antidote to the unavoidable discomforts of electrolysis.
By: J.L. 5/1/2011 

Hidden Gem!!
Highly Recommended.  Happy customer for over 3 years.  Ellen is professional, the location is clean and I am happy with the results.
By: Jelena 6/10/2010 

Ellen is excellent!
I drive 50 minutes to see Ellen and it is more than worth it!  Ellen is honest, professional, on time, has good pricing for her services and is very knowledgeable about electrolysis.  I have been going to Ellen for about 10 months.  She is fun to chat with.  Ellen really knows what she is doing and she cares about your personal progress with electrolysis.  I would recommend Ellen to anyone looking for an excellent, honest, knowledgable electrologist.  It truly is the best method for permanent hair removal.  Trust me.  I have been through it all! She is the only one I trust for real results on permanent hair removal!!  I tried laser hair removal through American Laser for a few years and got nowhere. It was disappointing and a lesson learned.  I then found Ellen and finally see true progress now.  It is a time and financial commitment, but it is well worth it!!! She is the only one I trust for real results on permanent hair removal!!!Thanks Ellen!!
By: MP 6/9/2011 

Happy with results
I have seen Ellen for 4 years+ I am very happy with the results.  Ellen is professional, returns my calls promptly, works with my schedule to set up appointments, and is always pleasant and welcoming.  Bonus: plenty of street parking in front of her office.
By: Joan 5/10/10  

I tried other practitioners
I tried other practitioners before I moved to this area and some were nothing short of torture.  Then I found Ellen.  Ellen stuck the right balance between comfort and effectiveness.  I've come to her periodically over the last many years and have observed how her skill has developed.  She has excellent techniques and sanitary methods.  I never worry about cross contamination.  I highly recommend.
By: Sally  

Friendly and professional
I have been going to Ellen for more than a year now.  I am very pleased with her treatment results.  She has many years of experience and good knowledge of her field, she is very friendly and professional.   I am lucky to find her!
By: T.K. 5/5/09

Referring Customers to Ellen for over 10 years
Ellen Nelson is the person I recommend for electrolysis, she is professional, expert, and has years of experience.  The more stubborn your lip and chin hairs become, the more you should try electrolysis.  I have been referring my customers to Ellen for over 10 years. 
By: Stacya S.,Beauty Alert at Yelp  7/12/09

Hair today-Gone Today
Private sessions, Attention to detail, Caring Attitude, Professional. Pros: Safe-Caring- Affordable. Cons: Can't think of any.
By Datagrrl at Citysearch 9-16-09 

Great service
Happy customer for 5 years.  Clean professional and punctual.  Highly recommended.
By Lisa   2-9-10  

Wonderful service and knowledge
As a biomedical scientist, I found that the knowledge and service provided by the electrologist at Advanced is excellent.  She successfully reduced my coarse facial hair to almost non-existent during the several months I went for weekly treatments.  I had to leave Seattle for employment reasons and hope that I find another electrologist as proficient as Ellen at Advanced Electrolysis.  Ellen, I'll miss you!
By lindseys - 10-13-09  

Great Experience! Very comfortable
I've been coming to Ellen, at Advanced Electrolysis on and off for about 6 years (or more). The office is clean, conveniently located, and confidential, and the treatments are very comfortable.  I've never has a problem with hair growing back too quickly, if at all.  After years of "tweezing" in my twenties, I had some coarse hair regrowth that took multiple treatments, but voilà - gone now!  If it weren't for menopause, I'd have no need for further services!  lol I've been to others - Advanced Electrolysis is the best and most comfortable!
By Kari   10-06-09 

Excellent Adventure
The office is very clean. She answered all my questions. The staff was knowledgeable. 
I didn't feel rushed. I thought the work was excellent. My skin looked very good. I am
lucky to have found her.  Very happy in Seattle. 
By Michelle B.   4-29-09

Good Clean Skin
This hair removal place uses the electrolysis method to remove your hair. It is a little time consuming but the results are more long lasting.  The staff takes all measures to make sure that you are comfortable and that all questions are answered they have a well maintained and very clean faculty.
By Jaime F.   11-27-05