Advanced Electrolysis
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Questions & Answers

Q.  What causes unwanted hair?
  A. Many times a person's hair patterns are predetermined by heredity.  In other cases hormones excreted by the endocrine glands or prescribed medication can lead to excessive hair growth.

Q.  How does Electrolysis work?
A tiny wire is inserted into the hair follicle and a small amount of electrical current is applied which destroys the cells that generate hair.  The hair is then removed with forceps by the electrologist.

Q.  Is Electrolysis safe?
  A. Yes! For over 130 years Electrolysis has been a safe & affordable method to remove unwanted hair.  Electrolysis is the only hair removal method deemed permanent by the FDA.

Q.  How long does it take?
Treatment takes at least one year. The type of hair, extent of growth and whether a planned program is followed will determine the results.

Q.  Is Electrolysis painful?
Every individual has a different lever of tolerance.  Treatments can be adjusted to your comfort.  To help minimize pain, topical anesthetics are available.  However very few clients find application of a topical necessary.  For more information click here to see our links page. (See Emla). 

Q.  What areas can I get treated?
Hairline, face, arms chest bikini line, abdomen, hands, toes, eyebrows, and underarms. 
Back, shoulders, ears, eyebrows, neckline, nose, and beard sculpting.

QHow will my skin look after a treatment?
   A. Your skin will have an initial redness for a maximum of two hours.  After that period no one will be able to tell you are having treatments.

Q.  What happens after treatment?
Depending on the individual, your skin will vary in degree of redness for approximately two hours.  Do cleanse the area often with antiseptics such as witch hazel for 24 hours.  Sun exposure should be avoided on treatment area for two days. 
Do not apply make-up, moisturizer or lotions for 24 hours.  Please help you skin heal by keeping your hands off the treated area.

Q. Is laser hair removal as effective as electrolysis?

 A.   No.  Electrolysis is the only hair removal method deemed permanent by the FDA & AMA.  According to the FDA lasers may not claim treatment results in permanent hair removal or that it is painless.  If you are planning laser hair removal please consider the following:

*Eye protection must be worn.

*Must be used cautiously (if at all) on darker skin tones.

*Inadequate controls exist to ensure competent practitioners.

Furthermore there exists no long-term data available on safety or effectiveness.

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Q.   What is Vaniqa?
 A.   Vaniqa is a prescription cream, that slows facial hair growth by inhibiting the production of the enzyme that creates hair in the first place.  Used daily, Vaniqa helps extend the time between electrolysis appointments.  A tube should last for three months and cost approx. $60.00. See Vaniqa